Projets, all projects are managed between people, E.T. Hall

6 November 2017

Bringing my expertise from pharma world since 2011… My approach is definitely people oriented and targets management and even more project management in various industries. My objective is wind energy/offshore wind energy. Why ? because wind and sea are my friends… Windtech International magazine has given me this opportunity through this article: Project Governance for Wind Energy his article appeared in the October 2017 issue of Windtech International and is displayed with permission.

Geneva HR Expo

13 October 2014

The Geneva HR Expo recently concluded. Some of you attended, others didn’t. What did it bring you? What would it have brought you? Yet, typically, as an individual, you were not aware of this exhibition. As is the case every year, one of the main themes was professional objectives coaching, “business coaching”, which is different from “life coaching”, for instance… Changing jobs, returning to work, creating your own business, managing your professional constraints,


Coaching and outplacement

16 July 2014

Outplacement (also called Career Transition) is a service offered to businesses, or to managers and employees leaving their organization. The aim is to help the person find the most suitable new position, taking into account a broad range of  parameters: timescale, urgency, will to evolve, to create a business, to move to another sector, etc.; or simply , the will to find a new position that is fairly similar to the previous one.


Coaching and Personnality Tests

14 July 2014

Are you familiar with Personality Tests? These tools are increasingly being used in many countries, in large government or private organizations,  to assess managers and employees, individuals, teams, or groups. Some of them have been in widespread use for decades. Others are more recent, or more country-specific.  The most popular include TTI success Insights®, MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) ®, SDI (Strengh Deployment Inventory) ®, and the Transactional Analysis « Drivers ». But