Example: Coaching for Project Management



Anticipate or correct a project’s drift : schedule, costs quality, and above all, first and foremost, the client’s confidence and satisfaction…
When the project takes a wrong turn, is it really about a technical issue? Or about a lack of professional training with the Project Manager?

In most cases, both the problem and the solution lie elsewhere. Open, assertive communication, and even, sometimes, constructive confrontation, will restore confidence between stakeholders, and rebuild some team spirit, where everyone assumes responsibility for their share in the project. Ideally, such restored mutual confidence shall last in the long run, way beyond the project’s scope.


How does it work?

The coach and the Project Manager will have one or two meetings. Then, thereafter, short meetings, for a few minutes over the phone, two or three times a week. For each set of issues, they will consider options and possible actions.
There will be close interaction throughout the project, especially during critical phases. Dedicated tools, such as personality tests, may be used to rebuild efficient interactions and team spirit…