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A rewarding experience

Thierry is an enthusiastic and inspiring coach. He leaves no stone unturned, and allows his audience to consider all possible options.

My experience of working with Thierry was surprising and rewarding. Thank you!


Some help to build a new professional project

The opportunity to meet Thierry came through a Career Transition program.

Thierry is one of these people that have a knack for understanding people. He is a good listener, and his readiness and motivation skills helped me a lot through these difficult times.

Thierry as able to identify my strengths and talents, and to support me, step by step, in building a new professional project that would match my aspirations and my values.

I can only wholeheartedly recommend Thierry to anyone experiencing the loss of their job, or wishing to develop their own skills or their co-workers'.


Ensuring professional transition through job interviews simulation

Thierry helped me a lot with my career transition when the company I worked for closed. My job search experience was fairly slim, as throughout my career, I had had only one employer.

Thanks to his willingness to listen, Thierry customises his coaching, and adapts it to the the person's needs and pace.

He is very enthusiastic and always optimistic, and he successfully helped me identify my skills and value my experience and my personal and professional achievements. Which helped me better target positions that would suit my natural aspirations.

Also, the various simulated job interviews made me understand and anticipate the recruiters' needs, and therefore, made me more comfortable with interviews.

I found a job just one month after the end of my training, and needless to say Thierry was of great help.